About Us

MASTERPIECE Auction House is one of local auction house that acknowledged as the biggest and the most active auction house in Indonesia. The company was founded under the ideas to introduce works of fine art through its auction activities as to enrich the art market and enlighten the Indonesian fine arts development.

MASTERPIECE Fine Art Auction held its first auction on 23rd July 2003 in Jakarta. Succeed in its initial sale on 2003, the company has expanded its division swiftly to accommodate the recent demand of qualified artworks by commencing auction types into Masterpiece, Heritage and Treasures auction under MASTERPIECE GROUPS of company. Heritage auction was set up to enrich the sale collections with a variety of fine arts besides paintings, such as sculptures, ceramics, traditional clothes, books and antiques. Treasures auction was established to introduce and educate people about fine arts fashion. We offered collections of artworks from classic, modern and contemporary work of arts from Southeast Asian country (Indonesian, Malaysia, Philippine, Vietnamese, and Thailand), Asia (India, Japanese, Korea, Chinese) and also European artists.

With its high reputation in Indonesia, MASTERPIECE GROUPS continue to enhance its growth through the establishment of Masterpiece Auction in Singapore. The tremendous success of the inaugural Singapore auction in March 2008 has propelled MASTERPIECE Singapore to become a well-renowned auction house in Asia. 5 years later, another success of auction was made on June 2013 as the initial sale of MASTERPIECE in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, presenting more variety of Asian arts to a wider clientele.

0n 26 March 2016, Masterpiece Auction House announces its inaugural Asian & Southeast Asian, Modern & Contemporary Fine Art Auction in the vibrant city of Hong Kong. This is a celebration of more than 10 years in fine art auction business around Southeast Asia region. This auction includes works in many collecting fields, from Asian and South East Asia.

MASTERPIECE continues to offer its trademark service and expertise which provides both buyers and viewers an unforgettable art experience. We believe through the exhibitions and auction activities can elevate the artists’ imagination and motivation to produce more “masterpieces”, helping develop their skills artistically and professionally, giving the opportunity to introduce themselves to a community of art aficionados. We also hope that art lovers and collectors will be able to increase the awareness and appreciation of arts either produce by old masters or new artists.

-As the pioneer and a reputable Auction House in Indonesia
-Building friendship between countries through fine arts and cultural exchange
-Maintaining the high quality of artwork to the highest standard possible
-To reach out the International markets, starting from Southeast Asia by becoming one of the Indonesian government partners.

-Being part of Creative Economy especially in Fine Arts business institution
-To Introduce and develop young, talented artists’ potential and to act as a window to showcase other senior maestros’ artworks so that they will be remembered and appreciated by the artistic society
-Act as a socializing forum between artists, art-lovers, collectors, curators and etc