Cara Ikut Lelang Online di Masterpiece Auction

How to Participate in an Online Auction at Masterpiece Auction

Masterpiece Auction is an auction platform that brings together owners of uniquely valuable items and collectors who are looking for rare items to collect. Items that can be auctioned include paintings, sculptures, diamonds, bags and more.

Auction Method
The auction is conducted online which can be viewed and followed in 2 ways, namely through the official website at or through the Masterpiece Auction application which you can download from the Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS).

Exhibition Service
During the online auction event, prospective buyers can preview to see firsthand the condition of the goods by visiting the Masterpiece Auction gallery in Jakarta, or they can also request a report on the condition of the desired item in the form of photos, videos and explanations from the marketing team.

Auction Process
Online auctions are Open Public and Timed Auctions, where the price of each item being auctioned can be seen clearly and everyone can participate by registering and bidding as long as it is still within the specified auction period.

Auction Winner Process
When the online auction ends and the bidders have been declared to have won one or more items, the winners will be contacted by the Masterpiece Auction team to proceed to the payment process and delivery of the items that have been won.

Masterpiece Auction also opens opportunities for owners of unique and valuable artworks who want to be auctioned. The terms & conditions of the items to be auctioned will be provided by the Marketing team of Masterpiece Auction
For owners of goods who wish to auction their goods at Masterpiece Auction, they can directly contact the contact person for the Masterpiece Auction’s marketing team, or by sending an email to [email protected]

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